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Asset Dormant Government in Indramayu

Neglected field Krapyak Sindang
So herd Arena

INDRAMAYU - Concerned. That condition Krapyak Major General Sindang, District Sindang, Indramayu regency, West Java Province in the last dozen years. Field that is used for football and a number of athletic competitions, the present condition mengenaskan. Grass shoot up high, and seemed to not have a look. Somehow the responsibility of the field who had a record field of sports history as the first in the region Sindang District, Indramayu that.

Moreover, in the year 2003 in the western side, has begun to build sports facilities a bit more from the previous, ie, dibangunnya Soccer Field (now back SDN Sindang II), Gelanggang Sports (GOR) Singalodra Sindang, Indoor parking, and field Volleyball, so impressed, playing field Krapyak Sindang more away. Each day's fate are the goats and penggembalanya, because the field was turned into carpet rerumputannya that appears fertile and about 1 meter high.

According to Ki Tarpi (75), a historical witness, Krapyak field contains the value of historical records that have the name that much history with the arrival Wiralodra, a prominent founder pedukuhan Dermayu.

"Name Krapyak that there is a possibility, because the field is often used for various activities, but only briefly (sekrapyakan-Java). However, after the quiet returned. But from the first condition is that no one take, "said the citizen who is now living in the Village Panyindangan Wetan, District Sindang it.

Ki Tarpi expect, Krapyak field used for sports activities that are more useful for our generation. Or at least, is allocated for the development of a nation can achieve. "Questions of what, it's up to the government program and have the ability," he said.

Witness the fate Krapyak field Sindang until Wednesday (20 / 5), seems not sebahagia prospective members of the Legislative District Indramayu Golkar party, members of legislative candidates (Caleg) who chairs the council failed to reach from the Golkar Party, and some officials in the terrace and camat District Indramayu. Perhaps, they will have fun, and the roads on holiday in Batam and Singapore, on Thursday (21 / 5).

Sindang Kuwu Village, Raga said, feel sad if the witness Krapyak Sindang sports field. "But we can not do much, because the assets owned by local governments. I say, the field Krapyak will in magic into the building for storage and maintenance of these historic heritage, "he said. (Satim / Joko K) ***

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