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Kesepakatan Deklarasi Manado 2009


Draft Agreed MANADO MOD

MANADO - After passing through allot discussion, the draft Declaration Manado Marine finally agreed in the meeting the delegation of-state participants and declared ready for Thursday (14 / 5) tomorrow.

At least, four grains declaration, yesterday Tuesday, seize the attention of the delegation. The four grains on the Sea Convention on the Law Year 1982, issue of technology transfer, funding, and plans to enter the dimensions kelutan to the UN convention in post-2012 Kyoto protocol.

"Finally finished and ready to be reported in the two-day ministerial level again," said Chairman of the Senior Official Meeting Eddy Pratomo after leading the council, on Tuesday night. Head of the Delegation of Indonesia to report to the Chairman of the Committee meeting Masional Marine World Conference (WOC) Freddy Numberi.

Indonesia concerned that the Declaration Marine Manado (MOD) supported by many countries because declarations are to be designed for more discussion about the role of the size of the sea in penaganan climate change.

In particular, the declaration that will bring more funding for the management of the sea. However, it must be supported by a variety of marine research that is still very limited.

One of the negosiator RI, Edvin Aldrian, states, enter the dimensions of the grains to the sea in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change after the Kyoto Protocol. Grains most desired Indonesia, China delegation be had.
Delegation of the United States discuss the transfer of technology.

"They want to keep commercial mechanism, not the price patennya," said Edvin, Meteorolog from the Meteorological Agency, climatology, and Geophysics. One of the support came from the Association of Small Island States (Alliance of Small Islands States / AOSIS) of 44 countries.

"Cry the more we will be heard," said the Chairman of AOSIS Dessima William. He will meet with the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Freddy Numberi to convey the sense of gratitude the initiative of Indonesia conducted a WOC.

MOD which is binding on its core statement of the importance of the role of containing the sea change in world climate.
In marine conservation symposium, yesterday, experts from a number of countries, the existence of conservation areas to protect the biota in the sea, coral reefs, and the living fauna. Almost all the world's marine conservation areas in some countries of Asia and Africa kerusakannya above 50 percent due to pollution, pollution, and fish bombardment.

Human rights violations

Meanwhile, the Alliance Steering Committee Manado Chalid Muhammad and the Board of the National Environmental Wahana Indonesia (Walhi) Annisah Khalid in a press conference in the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute, Jakarta, said, as well as providing possibilities agreement which resulted in WOC laden human rights violations.
WOC akan agreement on the free market leads to the conservation of marine and coastal systematically menggusur traditional fishermen and the more open marine mineral exploration opportunities.

"WOC is the first international conference that close themselves on the participation of civil society," said Chalid.
Yesterday morning, 16 members of the Philippines delegation (not 15) the International Forum for Justice and Marine Fisheries (FIKKP), which is Monday night at the Immigration Office quarantined Manado, returned by force. Their votes in violation of immigration regulations.

Meanwhile, two activists Alliance Manado, the Berry Nahdian Furqon and Erwin, who arrested, yesterday Monday, disidangkan. At the trial which lasted about two hours, both indicted activists reject the dismissal of officers or hinder workplace. They do not have the votes permit activities.

"Both have been released, the council decision to stay waiting for a crime with the threat of light prison four months," said Cholid.
"The arrest and deportation is indeed excessive and shameful. The people who express their own fate are arrested, "said President of La Via Campasina Hendri Saragih in Manado, yesterday. La Via Campasina is the organization of farmers' unions from 70 countries farm. (GSA / ZAL / Naw) ***

Source: Kompas, Wednesday, 13 May 2009

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