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Visit Enjoy Island Biawak Indramayu

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature Island Biawak Indramayu

INDRAMAYU – Island Biawak which is located in the area of the Sea Indramayu, is a government asset Indramayu District, West Java Province who prouded far. Local government also did not seem reluctant to contribute funds for the repair, regulation, and efforts to manage the island's most unique city in the Mangga Indramayu.
Characteristics of these Biawak, perhaps, because the flock settled Biawak ancient eternal existence that is still up to now. In addition, the marine biota is still natural and beautiful, not much disturbed by megrim those who do not responsible. Strict supervision of the officer who conducted any diterjunkan Department of Fisheries and Marine Indramayu District.

The tourists who visit there, everything is forbidden to take or damage the things that are considered harmful to k beautifully Island Biawak. To keep things that do not want to, tourists will be guided by staff who have been prepared by the Fisheries and Marine Indramayu District.

Initial instructions, prior to Biawak Island, you should first contact or coordinate with the Department of Marine Fisheries and the local. Because all the information and other matters that are required for tourists in the future are described office.

Then, the tourists are not difficult to find hard-ship or sea transport facilities to go to Island Biawak. Because, the Fisheries and Marine Indramayu District already up big motor boat that accompany the holiday special.

Figure ship quite easily recognized. Because the image reptilian "Biawak" allegedly to describe the transportation facilities to the Island Biawak. This motor boat, have any posts Assistance Department of Fisheries and Marine who has nongkrong since 2008 at the Beach Karangsong Indramayu.

That need to be prepared for tourists, perhaps quite supplies and preparedness must be physical because of the surging sea and Indramayu. Who knows, tourists needed is not available there, as a means to go away to the market. Understand, an island in the middle of the ocean including the rarely visited by many people. However, all kinds of s meanses, have been made gradually since a few years ago.

If sidah until Biawak on the island, the tourists will enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of the island since hundreds of years ago has made the lighthouse stood Netherlands, hundreds flock around biawak ancient, and is in grave b pilgrimage Syarif Khasan sheik (reputedly, his Sunan Gunung Jati ) it. Marine biota and the land was kept tight in order to remain sustainable, as an effort to spoil the tourists who come to the island.

Head of Fisheries and Marine Indramayu District, Ir. Rosyid Abdul Hakim, said the center to seek to make the island Biawak as a fun area attractions. Therefore, he said, gradually built a variety of facilities for easier reach of tourists, and making visitors comfortable. So that the pier was made, bungalau, posko, and others.

"We seek, the existence of Biawak able to provide benefits for all parties. To the future, able to exchange for the cash pan Original Income Area Local (pads), "he said.

Seriousness of the handling and management Biawak been submitted Regent Indramayu, H. Irianto MS Syafiuddin (Yance) in a plenary session of Parliament Wiralodra Earth Indramayu, Friday (13 / 3) in Speech delivery Accountability Reports Description Regent Indramayu Fiscal Year 2008.

In addition to reveal about the Spatial Plan Area (RTRW) District Indramayu Year 2008 - 2025, Regent Yance (greeting familiar H. Irianto MS Syafiuddin) says, that Biawak Island is a special area management area. So Biawak Island is divided into two (2) zone, that is, the core zone and development zone.

Explained, is a core protection zone biota and fauna on land and sea, and other functions to be prohibited. Meanwhile, Development Zone, the area of Biawak enabled the development of tourism for the economy, such as limited cultivation of the sea, fishing is limited, and tourism island.

Well, if you're interested in to fill the holiday with your family or your friends on the island of Indramayu Biawak? If interested, you should contact the Fisheries and Marine Indramayu District. (Satim / Joko K) ***

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